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Question: How do you know men are in charge in India?

Answer: Because when you install a new phone line, you drop it off the roof, let it hang down the side of the building, and drill a hole in the window frame of your living room to get it inside. If you want to try to make it look nice and professional you strap it to water pipes with plastic ties. I’m quite sure that all the pipes, windows, cables, etc, in India would be held together with duct tape if they knew what it was. Kudos to you Indians doing it the way a man should!!

Actually I think it is simply a practical thing. When you build houses with cement you don’t have as many options for sending wires and pipes through the walls.

In any case this is what leads to my current broomlessness. Returning to Chennai my first order of business was to get my internet set up again. Annoyed with Tata Indicom I canceled my subscription upon leaving last December. Instead we called up a company called Wi5, love the name. They came and basically installed a giant wifi antenna on top of my house, dropped a cat5 cable down the side of my building and in through the hole in my window. The biggest problem was that they need a sturdy pole or pipe upon which to mount the antenna. The only thing I had in my house that fit the bill was my broom handle. We strapped it to a water pipe near the top of the building and strapped the antenna to the top of the broom handle all with plastic ties. I now have internet but can’t sweep my house, I’m happy with the exchange.

I made it to India just fine. Took a day or two to readjust my sleeping schedule and get used to 80 degrees and humid instead of 10 degrees and frigid, but I’m now adjusted and ready for work. I’ll be meeting with Dave and setting up my schedule for the next 6 months on Tuesday, Six months which will culminate in the Mission Helpers Trip this July. I hope all you future mission helpers are excited.

It was certainly a lot of fun to get around Wisconsin and Minnesota this winter meeting people and having the opportunity to talk about the Lord’s Work over here. I not only got the chance to share the Lord’s work in India with many people, but also was able to hear Dan Pfeiffer speak about the work that the Lord is doing in Peru. Amazing!

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me so warmly, also thank you to all who remembered my travels in your prayers, please always keep our foreign brothers and missions in your prayers.


Pastor Matthew Ude

PS, a couple pictures from the roof of my house!

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