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The final CLCI district we visited last week was the Ongole area which is down near the southern part on Andhra Pradesh. This coming week I will be in Nellore which is part of the BELC but is again near the same area just a little farther south.

Nov 1 – Mallavaram – Pastor Simon

Nov 2 – Vavilatipadu – Pastor Rosaiah

Nov 3 – Nagannapalem – Pastor Korneli

Nov 4 – Jarugumalli – Pastor Madhavarao

Nov 5 – Rachavaripalem – Pastor Johnson

I missed getting the gps coordinates on Nov 3 for Nagannapalem so this congregation isn’t shown on the map.

The last night in Rachavaripalem we had a birthday party along with the service. This congregation has been growing quickly the membership is currently 100+, although many of the weren’t able to come Saturday night because of a wedding. We had about 70 people at the service on Saturday.

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