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Wednesday January 25, 2012

This morning we packed up at 8am to head out. This time we left Congo for good and headed across the same border once again unto Zambia. We rented a Taxi to take us to the Zambia border. From the border we took a small bus ( really a big van stuffed full of people ) to Kitwe. Kitwe is the same city where we meet the Zambia pastors on Monday. In Kitwe we got on a big greyhound style bus for the six hour trip to Lusaka. This bus would have been comfortable except that they didn’t leave until every single seat on the bus was sold. And of course the seats were too small even for a normal person much less some of the bigger Africans. I had an aisle seat and spent the ride half off the seat. Todd was sitting on the back seat and was squished between two people.

We arrived in Lusaka around 8pm almost exactly twelve hours from when we started. The Kewelle Lodge where we are staying is a decent price and fairly nice, especially by the standards of most of the hotels we normally stay in. Apparently there is a big soccer match between the Zambia national team and someone else. So the bar and restaurant is packed full of people tonight.

We meet Ibrahim and received our marching orders for the next few days. We will be here at the Kewelle Lodge for the next four nights including tonight and then we leave for Zimbabwe. One of the first things we need to do tomorrow is look for tickets to Zimbabwe either by bus or plane.

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