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Friday January 20, 2012

Busy day.

I was unable to get my Zambia visa in the US, I just didn’t have time to get all of the ones I needed. So that was one of my first concerns on arriving in Congo. Thursday night we went to the Zambia embassy were I got the form and was asked to return tomorrow with $80 US dollars and two passport photos. The photos I had with me so that wasn’t a problem. The next morning we arrived handed over everything and were told to come back after noon. The lady who was helping us at the Zambia Embassy kept telling me, “I am doing you a favor.” She wasn’t really doing anything except what she was supposed to be doing but the Congo men explained this meant that I should give her a bribe. We came back around 2pm and after waiting for an hour finally got my passport with the visa back. TIA!

We were supposed to spend two hours in the morning and again two hours in the afternoon teaching the pastors and elders of the ELCC. The shenanigans with my visa cut into this time a bit so that both periods were only an hour and a half. Todd taught a basic overview of predestination and I went through the work of the Holy Spirit as described by Jesus in John 16. We also visited one of Muzukuza’s two churches in Lubumbashi that evening after class.

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