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Sunday January 22, 2012

Sunday and Monday were set aside to visit with Yumba of the CCLC. He wanted us to visit with some churches he has started working with right across the Zambian border. We have to be back to Lubumbashi Monday night so that we can have the combined pastoral conference ( CCLC and ELCC ) on Tuesday. So we are headed across the border to Zambia on Sunday, are returning to Lubumbashi on Monday night and then will come back across the Zambia border and on to Lusaka on Wednesday.

Sunday morning Mark ( the translator that Yumba uses ) arrived at 6:30am to wake us up, apparently the bus was supposed to be there at 7am. Todd and I didn’t really know what was going on. We were under the impression that we were taking a public bus and were surprised that it was actually coming to the hotel to pick us up. I have photos of the bus I will post soon. After picking us up however the bus made another stop at which time it quickly filled with children and adults. We found out that pretty much all the members from Lubumbashi were coming with us and the bus had been specially rented to take us all to Whiski. So we ended up with a bus packed full of members singing in Swahili as we drove to Whiski.

Whiski is about an hour and a half from Lubumbashi just before the Zambia border. Here pastor Yumba has been working with the government to develop a new area. We meet at a half built new school building for service and to dedicate the building.

The pastors from Zambia showed up just at the end of the service, very anxious for us to leave and head for Zambia. The church we were to visit there was expecting us at 2pm and it was 1:15 before we finally left. We ran into delays at the border. We had our visas and everything was in order but the Congo immigration office was trying to tell us we didn’t have the right vaccines. Since we were leaving Congo and not going in I don’t see why this was a problem for them. The nurse finally agreed it wasn’t a problem if we gave her $10 each. TIA!

It was after 4pm when we finally arrived at the church in Zambia. There a couple of surprises waiting for us and a very energetic young pastor. But we all agreed to meet with the pastors the following morning and go through some basic teachings with them.

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