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[ note: I updated the map “Central Africa Visits” ]

Thursday, our first day in Lusaka, we spent running errands trying to find tickets to Bulawayo, changing money, etc. Today we headed out for hospital visits and evangelism. We stopped briefly at an AIDS/HIV hospital but there was some program going on and we weren’t allowed in. We went down the road a little to a village and started visiting houses. At the bottom of this post is a map of the village and houses we visited along with a description of what happened at each place. There is also another map showing the various place in Lusaka mentioned here.

Pastor Ibrahim is a native of Tanzania. He went to the Bible School in East Africa before the trouble we currently are having there. He has worked with Nathanael Mayhew. He had some friends recently ask him to come teach in Zambia, so he came over to Lusaka and has been working hard here ever since. From the first moment we met Ibrahim he showed his love and zeal for Christ. He constantly talked about how we must not waste the Lord’s money. He always sought to find the cheapest way to do things, even though we were the ones paying not him. He also spoke about how many pastors are lazy but that we must work to support the work of the Gospel. He is planning to return to East Africa in time for the mission helper trip this summer, so that those of you who will be here this summer will get a chance to meet and work with him also.

Here is the map showing the various places that we visited around Lusaka.

Here is the map showing the village where we did evangelism.

[Click on the Red Box with the white magnifying glass ( left hand side of the map about half way up ) to view full screen map]

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