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Pastor Ibrahim pretending a bowl is a hat

Victoria Falls

Todd Ohlmann, Ibrahim, Matthew Ude at Victoria Falls

Friday January 27th we held a short conference with the pastors from Lusaka, and pastor Yumba from D R Congo. Pastor Yumba had accompanied us from Lubumbashi in order to meet the new pastors in Lusaka. As this was our first meeting with these men we took them through the CLC statement of faith and purpose. These men had already been studying with Ibrahim and were familiar with our doctrine. There were some questions, but not really any disagreement. The men seemed ready and eager to study and learn and join Ibrahim in working for the Lord in Lusaka, and throughout Zambia.

We ended the conference at 3pm and Todd, Ibrahim, and I packed up for the trip to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We had intended to take a plane but there are apparently no direct flights. The journey by car it is close to 15 hours. So we had decided to drive to Livingstone Friday night and get a bus from Victoria Falls City to Bulwayo on Saturday. Saturday morning we woke up and since Victoria Falls is right there we stopped to see it. There is little I can say about Victoria Falls other than to simply state that is without a doubt the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. I will post a few picture but of course they can hardly do it justice.

Zimbabwe ran into a bit of economic trouble a few years back and was having some serious currency problems; as a result they took a rather unique solution. They quit printing money altogether. Instead they just use American Dollars. Almost everyone will apparently accept Euros, and Pounds as well but as far as I could tell Dollars were the predominant form of currency. However they don’t use American coins instead if they have to give you change for less than a dollar they give it in Rand (from South America). It all seems like it would be a bit confusing for them but for us it made things easy.


[I will post more pictures of Victoria Falls later ]

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