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On Friday the 24th of February the district chairman of the BELC meet with Dave Koenig and me for our bimonthly chairman’s meeting. Normally we would have held it in January but both Pastor Koenig and I were absent from India until early February.

All of the Chairman spoke about the growth of the word of the Lord. Moses has started a new church Naidapet. Victor has gained again a lost pastor. Dave Koenig spoke about the completion of eight church building which is now possible because of the very generous gift of one of our American brothers. We certainly thank the Lord for this donation. Rajamani spoke about his trip to Malaysia.

Across the Bay of Bengal in Kuala Lumpur a number of Tamil speaking Indians live and work. Some of these men know of Pastor Rajamani and his work here in India. They have been asking Rajamani to visit them and investigate the building of Lutheran churches among them in Malaysia. Finally they were able from their own pockets to provide the means for Rajamani’s trip. Rajamani left last November and spent one month in Malaysia. He met with 15 pastors and discussed the catechism and 4 of the seven pamphelets. D Paul and Rajamani plan to remain in touch with these men and continue to send them materials.

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