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I just returned from Goa the India popular tourist beach state. I certainly enjoyed the beaches but I was there to meet with a small congregation that Victor ( one of the BELC district chairman ) has been in contact with. Goa is a small state on the western side of India south of Mumbai. It is known most for its beautiful beaches but also has scenic mountains. It used to be under the control of the Portuguese from 1510 until 1961 who left behind many unique buildings including a number of old churches.

There was some difficulty getting together with the members because of the nearness of holy week and the fact that the younger members had exams. Victor himself got sick the day he was supposed to leave to meet me there, but the members all know English pretty well, so it wasn’t a problem for me to meet with them by myself.

I meet with the members at a hotel in Vasco on Thursday and Friday evening. There were ten members that were able to make it, for about two hours. They were all for the most part younger members. I’m not sure why the older members weren’t able to come. We went through a quick overview of basic doctrines rather than spending an expended amount of time on one or two.

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