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I just returned from Classes in Nellore and Renigunta. Here Moses regularly monthly holds classes on the 10th and 11th. But these dates rarely fit into my schedule so this month Moses scheduled a second set of classes when I would be there April 19th and 20th. However due to the irregularity some of the pastors were unable to attend. Furthermore the height of summer is now fulfilled in India and it was hot. On the 20th in Renigunta the official temperature was up to 105 f and humid. We were meeting in a cement building with small windows and a tin roof, also the power was out so there were no fans. But we persevered and made it through most of the lesson.

We studied the background of the gospel of John. It is common over here to hand out this gospel to members and non members. It is more expensive than handing out tracks to be sure but also much less than buying full Bibles. We try to distribute as many Bibles as we can but when money is tight we hand out the Gospel of John. It is easy to see why. This Gospel was written as a witness, especially suited to those who have little to no background in the Old Testament. John claims in essence to have written the first Christian apologetics book. Here he sets forth in compelling detail all the evidence for the deity of Christ. And yet this God whom John writes about is always the God who “dwelt among us.” John speaks of himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” yet never fails to show how much that love of Christ extended to every human He came in contact with. In one story after another John pictures for us the love and grace of God pouring forth from Jesus Christ and changing the lives of all those among whom He dwelt.

Moses at the beach

Oh yeah, Moses took me to the beach

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