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Just 7 days left till I depart India and return again to my home. As that day draws near it becomes harder and harder for me to concentrate on the work at hand. I have a week of classes yet before I depart but all my thoughts are on the departure. One might easily expect the same of John when he wrote his gospel. He was an old man. All of his friends had already left. He was alone the last apostle. One might expect that his thoughts would be constantly turning towards heaven, waiting eagerly for the coming day. Perhaps they were. Yet in his gospel John continually rejoices in the current blessings that are his in Christ.

Some random things from India:

I learned today that the father of the bride is not only responsible for her dowry but also is expected to take care of the expenses for her first pregnancy and delivery.

I also found out that even though all the signs, all the car gages, and all the city folk use metric, the rural areas and bible translations use standard measurements.

Here are some pictures of a man delivering fresh honeycomb on the back of his motorcycle.

Here are some pictures of the brunch buffet Dave and I visited this last Sunday.

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