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On Tuesday June 26th my father and I left for my return trip to India. Our plan being to stop in Nepal for two weeks first then my father would stay with me in India for the rest of the month before returning home and desperately trying to make up for lost time and prepare for the imminent arrival of students.

We flew from Chicago to London where we had a six hour layover. This is the worst possible length for a layover it is just enough to entice you to leave the airport without being actually long enough to make it feasible. Any regular travel knows how this story ends. We got lost in London, the train took longer getting back than it did getting out, and we arrived at security just shy of 35 minutes before take over. British Airways apparently cuts off your ticket the second the clock hits 35 mins to departure if you aren’t through security. The ironic part is that the next day when they did get us on a flight they sent us through with only 25 mins till departure.

We ended up flying through Mumbai instead of Delhi and had to pay a little extra for the connecting flight to Kathmandu but we arrived one day late and just in time to miss our first conference.

In the mean time we were able to see St. Paul’s in London, Parliament, Big Ben and West Minister Abby. Just the outside we didn’t try to go into any of them. Later after we had missed the plane we found a cheap hostel out near where they are apparently building some of the stuff for the Olympics right in the heart of the Crystal Palace grounds.

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