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When we finally arrived in Kathmandu, Raju was busy at the American Embassy attempting to get his visa so that he may come this fall for school at Immanuel Eau Claire. He needed one more document from Todd Ohlmann and therefore skipped our Monday conference so that he could return to the Embassy. We certainly want to remember Raju in our prayers as he attempts to finalize his US Visa today.

Friday was spent meeting with the Bhitrakoti’s, greeting the orphans, and trying desperately to stay awake long enough to eat supper and make it back to the hotel.

Saturday is worship day for the Nepali. This is the day that they get off work. So we met Saturday morning at Eternal Life church in Kathamandu. They have had some problems. They were forced to move from their previous rented building last year. The building they are currently renting is a little small and it is on the third floor, which means many of the elderly members have difficulty climbing up for service. So they have leased a small parcel of land and are hoping to have a church built on it within a month. We saw the foundation.

Since Professor Ude was the new guy it was decided he should preach that morning. His sermon spoke on how even though man is always trying to build to heaven the only man made thing in heaven are the holes in Jesus’ hands and side.

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