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My father is out attempting to buy a shirt from a Nepali shop near our hotel in Bharatpur. I’m more than a little curious to see what he will return with.

It is Tuesday July 3rd. Two days ago Sunday morning we woke early and set off on the type of adventure many American’s specifically come to Nepal for. We followed the river to the west out of Kathmandu and slowly descended through the mountains. We rode the bus about three hours and come to the city of Dhading. At this point we need to climb the mountains to the southwest of the city to reach our intended destination of Maidi. There is a road but it is a very poor road. Sometime you can find a truck that will let you ride along in the back but on this day the only truck we saw was filled with boxes. So we hiked, 10 miles and 7,000 feet up. The temperature was in the mid nineties and the sun was brutal. About four hours into the hike it began to rain which was actually quite a relief. But we made it to the village and Pastor Tamang graciously made room for us in his house for the night.

The next day we had a full day seminar starting at ten am and ending around five. They congregation here had a new church with a bright bluish-green roof provided by the CLC. There were around 120 in attendance. The children were sometimes making a commotion but many of the other members kept shushing them. This and the fact that many of them were eagerly scribbling notes made it clear that they were paying attention and learning.

They served us a lot of rice of course but also potato chips, eggs, and an odd chip like food that the Nepali often eat with their rice.

The following day we started down around five am. This trek was mostly downhill and went a lot faster. It was also early in the morning and not as hot and the sun was hidden mostly behind the clouds. However I was still pretty quickly soaked in sweet. When we were maybe a couple hours from the end of the hike a truck came along the road and we were able to ride the last bit, which was great because just before the end there was a small mountain we would have had to climb over.

Having survived such perils we arrived in Bharatpur near Chitwan National Park. Raju had stayed behind for this trip in Kathmandu to make further arrangements for his visa. Rajan was our guide for this mountain trek. Raju was then supposed to meet us in Bharatpur on Tuesday. We had left most of our clothes with Raju to bring to Bharatpur and only packed what we needed for the three days hiking. Raju however stayed in Kathmandu hoping to hear about his visa. Thus we have only the clothes soaked in sweat and rain from our hike and my father is out attempting to find something he can wear to the pastoral conference tomorrow.

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  1. Maidi is the village I fell in love with last year. I am so thankful that the Lord has continued to bless this congregation of faithful believers!

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