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Sometimes it is the simplest thing that makes all the difference, but only when you already have everything else. Right now what would make all the difference is a comfortable bed, real coffee, true American food, an A/C room, a hot shower, and a room that isn’t surrounded by the loudest frogs this earth has ever seen. I can’t even describe how loud these frogs are, you will just have to come and experience it for yourself. This is Shaktikhor, and yet so much better than last night.

The pastoral conference went well. My father did return from the market with a decent shirt. Actually I’m not sure you would know he didn’t buy it in the US. We had about 20 pastors come to the conference, some were new, some were missing from previous years, but the total number was about the same. We studied Genesis, and my father laughed a little when the pastors asked all the same questions that Ken Ham says he always get asked. “Who did Cain marry?” Who are the sons of God?” etc.

After the conference we went on to Hetauda for a day. Here we stayed at one hotel. While we were there my father asked Rajan what is the name of this place? My father was asking about the city but Rajan thought he meant the Hotel. So Rajan replied Avocado and my father apparently was writing everyone that we were in the city of Avocado.

All the Nepali are friendly and give us the warmest welcome, but Pastor Milan’s church in Hetauda is especially friendly and warm. Partially I think because there are many close friends to Rajan and Raju here. We had about 120 people at the conference.

From here we moved on to Shaktikhor, base camp for our greatest challenge. There are three churches in this area, one is a quarter mile down the road from our hotel, one is a two hour hike one third of the way up the side of a mountain, the third is a seven hour hike up one side and part way down the other side of the mountain. Guess which one we were visiting? The hike was only four and half miles but 3.5 thousand feet up and then another thousand feet back down the other side. It was a difficult hike, but we started early in the morning while it was cool and by the time it warmed up we were well up the mountain into the cooler altitudes. Despite the sharp ascent it was a fairly pleasant hike. It was far more pleasant than the Dhading hike which was only one thousand feet but was sizzling hot.

Once over the top it was a very pleasant and beautiful hike, except we were not previously aware of the apparent infestation of leeches along that path. We arrived at the church with only a minimal loss of blood and slept on the church floor that night. The next morning we had a wonderful conference with about 150 people from all over the mountain. We finished at one and at two started back over the mountain. This time we covered our feet with salt to keep the leeches away.

It was a difficult hike down and we arrived at the hotel completely exhausted, and really happy to have beds again. I felt I would sleep soundly for a week, until the frogs started.

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  1. Awesome account Matt! Thank you for sharing this tremendous record of your work in the LORD. Also I very much appreciated your father’s blog. It’s cool that a father/son pastor combo could endure such physically demanding hardships together for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to these remote congregations and villages. The LORD has blessed the Ude family!!

    God’s continued blessings to you both!

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