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So it only took two weeks but I finally have internet at my house again.

The internet guy showed up at my house the very same day, my father and I returned from our travels around India. I paid him for two months and he said it would be active by the next day. Every day for the next week and a half I would call him and he would give some excuse saying it would be up the next day or in a few hours. Some of those days he would come over and fiddle with my antenna and then promise me it would be working in a few hours or the next day. Finally I gave up ask for my money back and called a different company. They came the next day to sign me up, installed the line and had me online the day after that. So now I can finally get caught up on uploading all the pictures from my Nepal trip etc.

You can see pictures from Nepal below. I also updated the map ( down a little further ) added the rest of the places and added pictures into the map.

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