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We have finished our time in Congo, and are heading out today for Zambia, first Kitwe for 2 days, then Lusaka

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  1. I would like to say thank you to Pastor Mathew UDE, for coming to Zambia because am so Blessed and lefted up in faith and I believe my Christianity life will never Be the some again. Because through the Teachings which Pastor UDE Taught Us have lent a lot that as a Believer I must believe on the word and the Promises of GOD upon my life through baptism or through lastsuper on which through this I shell see GOD’s Promises be for filled upon Me and I should have Faith upon the son of who is Jesus. Wow am so in powered with the Teachings of Pastor Mathew UDE may the Lord GOD grant you More Grace uopn your Ministry and in All you Do in jesus name

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