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We have finished our African travels for now, though we will be back later this year.

Pastor Yumba just dropped us off at the airport where we await our departure for South Africa. From South Africa we will fly to Doha and from Doha to Chennai.

Every day of the trip there were posts I was writing in my head to share with everyone back home, but unfortunately there simply was no time. I usually can find a half hour every now and then to write a post during mission trips, but somehow this trip I never got the chance. However they are in my head and I should be able to remember a few of them. Which I will share once I get to India.

The most recent news is our trip to Livingstone, Zambia. I was not originally planning this part of the trip. Sunday we were supposed to be having a pastor conference with those pastors in and around Lusaka. Ibrahim informed me however that they could not come because of the rain. With nothing left on schedule Ibarhim really wanted to take Vanessa, Yumba and Treasor to see Victoria falls. So we woke up early ( 5am ) Sunday morning and made the six hour drive. We saw the falls Sunday afternoon. This morning we woke up early again ( 5am ), dropped Ibrahim off at the Zimbabwe border for his trip to Bulawayo, and returned to Lusaka, where Vanessa and I await our flight.

Obviously there is much more to this story, but it will have to wait.


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