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In the ELCC we meet on Sunday at Pastor Muzakuza’s church. After the sermon they installed a newly elected Deacon. After the normal questions about faithful service to God and his Church, they asked specifically if he had only one wife. He answered in the positive and they asked his wife to stand up. They asked her if she were his husband and his only wife. When she answered yes they then proceeded with the installation.

In the CLCC we visited Kalubwe. Here Yumba’s daughter lives with her husband. His son Patrick lives nearby and they are trying to start a church. They have no land or building yet but meet at different houses for services and pray. The young people are especially eager for a place to have to get together.

In Kipushi, they gave us gifts including African clothing and jewelry. The women here were also very eager to have a synodical woman’s conference and wanted to know what types of things the women’s groups in the US do. Kipushi is right near the border with Zambia and has a large Cobalt mine which is a shared venture between Zambia and Congo.

In the map below you can see these places and some others,27.524862&spn=0.76045,1.234589

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