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Kasumbaleasa is a border town on the main highway between Lusaka, Zambia and Lubumbashi, DRC. Whiski is a little village just outside Kasumbaleasa’s borders. Whiski is one of the places where Yumba is working with the government to help develop the land. In Whiski he is building a school. Currently they have one building with three classrooms. Since they only have the one building the school must take turns. First through third grades are in the morning and fourth through sixth in the afternoon. After finishing the first building he will start work on a second school building. The plan continues with a secondary school. He also wishes to build a church and a Bible School on land here provided by the villagers.

In another part of Kasumbaleasa, Yumba is working with a development coop providing farms, fish ponds, pig sties, etc. This provides works for the local villagers where they had none before, profits for use in further developments, and local produce.

Traveling in Kasumbaleasa proved to be a bit of an adventure. We were a little late traveling that day and arrived at the border just at six. The DRC lets us leave without a problem, but when we arrived at the immigration office for Zambia we were told that they closed at 6pm without exception no one was allowed through after that. We had already left the DRC but no one seemed to care that we went back into Kasumbaleasa and spent the night. The next morning we skipped the DRC immigration and went straight to the Zambia immigration, however it still took us all morning to make it though because Interpol was apparently convinced we were trying to smuggle minerals through the border in our van.

Yumba is a really good singer. Here is a video of Yumba and the congregation in Whiski singing the liturgy in Swahili.

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