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I can’t believe I haven’t posted since before I left for Accra, Ghana. Vanessa and I have been in central Africa almost a full month now. Everyday I’ve been meaning to post articles but there has always been something more important. Obviously there have been many wonderful and exciting events over the last month, and even before, as we traveled through Congo and Zambia, many baptisms, intelligent discussion and questions and even a few questions that have proved immensely difficult to answer. But all of that will have to wait a few more days until we arrive back in India.

Tomorrow we fly out of Lusaka, have a short layover in Mumbai and then return to Chennai. Vanessa is excited to stop in Mumbai mainly because there is a Starbucks there.

Today we have finished all our meetings and programs and were looking around for something to see while we are here. We found the Blue Lagoon National park just a few hours out of town. It is supposedly one of the best places to see lechwe, a type of antelope, in Zambia. It also has zebra, rhinoceros, sitatunga, water pythons, and over 300 kinds of birds.  Vanessa is really hoping to see a zebra.

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