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After returning from our voyages in the North we met up with Yumba and drove up to Whiski for a three day conference with the pastors and members of the CCLC. Whiski is a small village just near the border between Congo DRC and Zambia. The day before the conference we began with a worship service. Vanessa went through an overview of the Apostle’s Creed with the women. With the men I went through a short overview of the history of the church since the time of Luther, Baptism, how to understand Parables, an overview of the Church Year and the Liturgy, and a discussion on good practices for sermon study and writing.

Yumba speaks French and Swahili meaning communication with him is a bit difficult but he has the help of a very talented young linguist named Marc. In the course of one week Marc translated all of the lesson materials I had brought with me for use in the classes. And Yumba had piles of pamphlets ready for the men at the conference.

In the pictures below you can see the land Yumba is developing for a school in Whiski. Yumba would like to get another plot of land nearby to build a  bible school.

Here are the links to two videos of the service in Whiski

Yumba Singing Liturgy

Congregational Singing

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