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After the conference in Whiski it was time to say goodbye to the Congo and head south into Zambia. It was strange to be south of the Equator and not only because the water drained in the wrong direction. The farther south we went the colder the weather became. Not that it every became too cold. Even in Lusaka it would drop down into the 60s at night and climb to 70s or low 80s during the day. It was beautiful weather and I enjoyed every minute of it.

In Zambia we had two stops. First in Kitwe a couple hours south of the border. Here we have a group of three congregations which Yumba has been working with for a couple of year. They come from a mostly Pentecostal background but have agreed with Lutheran doctrine and are eager to learn. We had a three day conference covering some basic Lutheran teachings, especially a review of baptism, original sin, and some questions concerning women in the church.

While speaking to them about baptism, one man raised his hand and asked which methods of baptism are appropriate. I explained to him that the word of God does not command any one method and we are free to use whichever seems best to us. “Good,” he said, “because the river is a long ways away and filled with crocodiles.”

In Zambia as in many countries it is necessary for churches to be registered with the government. The group of men in Kitwe are struggling to be registered as Lutherans. They need our prayers for help in this manner. They are also struggling to find rooms and places to use for Sunday service. One man told me that because he was now teaching Lutheran doctrine two of his members who were the biggest supports of the church had left. They need our prayers for this as well.

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