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The waters flowed from the sky and I went out. I didn’t really want to leave the house in the down pour but it was the third day of our NCLC conference, we were supposed to begin with communion service, and who ever heard of canceling service simply because of a little rain. Thankfully I had remembered to pack my umbrella so that helped but not much. A few seconds after stepping out into the rain, despite my umbrella, the sleeves of my shirt and my pants below the knees were absolutely soaked. The rivers running across the driveway didn’t help to keep my feet dry. When I got to the gate of the compound it was locked. Peering through the gate across the street at the church it was evident that it was also locked up and no one was around. It had never even occurred to me that rain would cause church to be delayed or canceled, but apparently no one else wanted anything to do with this weather. And I suppose in a land where almost everyone either walked to church or used a motorcycle rain is little bit more of a deterrent than it is for those who are used to cars.

So I returned to the mission house, changed my clothes, and waited in the dark powerless house for the rains to stop or at least slow down. I did however have my coffee so it was a rather pleasant wait.

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