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My first stop on my West Africa trip was Lome Togo.

It is here that Pastor Kossi Blewu has been working diligently for the Lord. During my first visit to Togo in January 2008, Pastor Kossi was working as an administrator at a local school and preaching in his spare time. He had one large congregation and two small preaching stations. Now he has a total of four congregations and preaching stations in and near Lome, Togo and is planning a visit to Benin. In Benin he has begun another preaching station at the invitation of a friend. He has recently been forced to quit his day job to focus on preaching and teaching. He has six young men he is training to help him in the work in Togo and Benin.

During our discussions I mentioned that Christmas was the festival of the Father and that is why many Christmas hymns focus on the Father. The example that immediately came to mind and that I mentioned was “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.” I had no sooner mentioned the title than they all began to sing it together in their native language. I shouldn’t be surprised that they were familiar with such an old and beloved hymn, but it is not the type of hymn you would normally expect from men with a Pentecostal background.

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