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Vanessa and I arrived back in India on February 3rd with four days to unpack, clean, get everything set in order, repack, and head out again. This time we were going north to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Eight hours and six hundred miles north of Chennai is Nidubrolu, where Jyothi lives and teaches at the CLCI Bible School.

At the bible school we spent two days studying the book of Ephesians, which is or course always a wonderful opportunity to focus on God’s abundant grace.

Some of the previous students, who are now pastors, also came to the lessons. The first day of teaching the room was full. The second day of teaching we had to move the class to the chapel in order to fit everyone.

In the mornings before class Jyothi and I would sit outside in the courtyard of the compound with Jyothi’s father Pastor V.S. Benjamin. Pastor V S Benjamin is doing much better and continuing to recover from his operation.


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