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Back in Bangalore a month later and the first thing the pastors asked about was whether I had copies of the Luther video for them. This was an easy question the difficult question came later.

“What should a man do if he is married to more than one woman and then becomes a Christian?”

We talked about it a little then Moses gave them all homework: study the question and we will discuss what you find tomorrow.

I tried to explain to them that this isn’t really a problem in America, that it doesn’t really happen there. They had a difficult time understanding that.

Of course the question of David and Solomon came up in this regard. Also earlier during a discussion about alcohol, they asked whether it was a sin for Noah to be drunk.

Lots of good questions.

We ended class with a reminder of God’s grace. Although we want to study, and pray to find and follow God’s way with regard to all these questions in the end we are saved through faith in Christ. David, Solomon, Lot, Abraham, and Noah were all sinners. They were saved through faith in God’s promise just as we are saved through faith in Christ. We remember what happened when David committed murder and adultery with Bathsheba. When Nathan confronted David, David confessed his sin, and Nathan said, “The LORD also has put away your sin; you shall not die.”

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