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First we all meet outside the house of the bride with the groom and the grooms family. It was not a large group. The groom, his immediate family, Pastor Kossi, and a few friends.

We rang the bell and entered the house of the bride where we meet with bride’s parents.

The parents of the bride and the parents of the groom talked shortly.

After this they brought out a “bride.” Only she was wrapped completely from head to foot so you could not see any part of her. The bride’s parents asked if this is the one they were looking for. The groom’s family said, “no.” Again they brought out another and asked and again the answer was no. A third time the answer was no. On the fourth time the sister of the groom got up and hugged the lady that was wrapped from head to foot and said yes this is her. Then they unwrapped her and everyone clapped.

Now that the bride was chosen and presented it was time for the groom to present the bride’s family with the gifts they had agreed on. The grooms family brought out a vary large bowl more like a basket filled with bottles of drinks. Most were alcoholic, whiskey, rum, vodka, etc it was hard to tell for sure, but a few were other things. There must have been 20 large bottles in that bowl.

One of the bottle which was not alcoholic but some type of carbonated fruit drink ( although what flavor it was supposed to be I don’t have a clue ) was taken out. Everyone was given glasses and small amount of the drink. A few words were said and we toasted the bride and groom.

Pastor Kossi prayed and John ( the groom ) gave a ring to his fiancee.

One of the young woman whom I think had been one of those pretending to be the bride started singing and dancing, although the young women started dancing and pulled the reluctant bride out of here chair and danced with her for a few minutes.

Plates were passed around and rice along with what I assume was some type of goat stew was served to all the guests.

The grooms father insisted that I try some Tavia which was an alcoholic drink mixed with coffee. It was very good.

I final prayer was said everyone congratulated everyone and shook their hands. Then the we all left. Supposed the couple went to the government offices after this to register their marriage.

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