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The last two months have witnessed a constant blur of comings and goings. Ed and Janice Starkey safely arrived in India. The Joint Asia Pastoral conference was held in Chennai. An apartment needed to be found for Ed and Janice. Dave Koenig packed and left. Vanessa and I spent a week in New Delhi applying for Visas for my West Africa trip. This was immediately followed by a week in Kadapa with the Starkeys and Victor Vemuri. And in between everything the normal work of pastoral visitations, teaching, and meetings.

Now Vanessa and I have arrived safely at Heathrow Airport in London. Here we wait on the brink of diverging paths. Vanessa’s flight to Chicago is about to board and in an hour I’ll head off to Ghana, followed by Togo and Nigeria. Vanessa is going home for thanksgiving, while I’m headed towards a week and a half in West Africa.

When I finally to join her again in the US, there will be a pile of emails and other work waiting for me. But the knowledge that I need not travel anywhere again for a month and a half will make it seem like the sweetest vacation.


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