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Made it back to India.

I left the US last week on Monday Oct 3rd I traveled through London and Bahrain, arriving in India at 5am Wednesday October 5th. This return to India is “quick” because I will be leaving again in under two months, not because the plane ride was fast. The actual travel time to get here was longer than normal since I had two layovers rather than just the normal one. I need to return to the US in December again to get all my visas and prepare for my trip to Africa in January.

My return wasn’t exactly as smooth as one could hope. My AC wasn’t working which made sleeping a bit uncomfortable and the day after my arrival I came down with a fairly bad cold. The story of my broken AC and what it took to get a new one is a pretty typical Indian story. Despite the fact that the store owner on numerous occasions told me the unit would be in “tomorrow” I only just finally received it yesterday ( Oct 11th ). The only reason I did finally get it yesterday instead of a “few” more days was due to the valiant efforts of Kumar our driver.

I was planning to hit the ground running. I had a couple of preaching opportunities and a wedding to visit that first weekend. Due to my illness and some miscommunication however these didn’t work out for me.

Dave Lueck is still here helping out and was able to help fill in when I was ill. It was nice to return to a roommate rather than an empty flat. He’ll be around till the end of the week, when he will be heading up north to Nepal for a few weeks. For those of you who haven’t already you can read his various adventures at .

Things here in Africa are moving along swiftly:

Everybody is in full swing preparing for the Joint Asia Pastoral Conference ( JAPC ) which begins tomorrow. Members of our sister churches throughout Asia are meeting here in Chennai for study and fellowship.

Monday evening Raju and Rajan arrived from Nepal. They came early and are staying a little later than the conference for some extra study and the chance to visit some of our Indian churches. They had to leave Kathmandu on Friday and travel by bus and train for four days to reach Southern India. Although not a particularly comfortable journey they arrived safe and sound and smiling. Yesterday among other things the brothers were eager to see the Mission Helper Video prepared by Rick Nelson about the latest Mission Helper Trip to Nepal this summer. For those who may not have yet had an opportunity to watch this video I have been told it will soon be posted on the Mission Helper Website .

There has been some problems with strikes in Andhra Pradesh causing problems for the Pastors from the CLCI traveling down here to Chennai. However it looks now as if at least some of them will make it down today. Thank the Lord.

Following the JAPC I will be heading up north for a two week visit among the congregations of the CLCI, followed by a couple district meetings, and then a trip to the Andaman Islands.

The Son is Risen.

Pastor Matthew Ude

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