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That is to say Sunday Oct 23rd through Thursday Oct 27th

The map below shows you my Sunday wanderings. Rather than mark the map with the lines of my travel as normal I have marked the various spots with pictures. More pictures of these areas can be seen down below.

The northern most mark on the map should be Guntur, Hotel Sindoori, where all my adventures began this week. At 9am we headed pretty much straight south to the town of China Kakuman. We were an hour and half late for service because there was an accident blocking our way and we had to find an alternative route. However the worshipers were still waiting and singing. We had been planning to eat lunch at our next stop but because we were so late, we ate here.

After lunch it was on to Baptla, south and a bit east, were we passed out gifts to the children and I gave a short devotion rather than having a full service.

We then drove north west and stopped by a tribal village, Yajali S. T. Colony. Here we prayed for the villagers who asked and also for the plot of land where they are hoping to build a prayer shed.

It was well after 3pm when we made it north to the CLCI Compound in Nidubrolu. Here the children had a program for us to watch. We handed out gifts to the children and blankets, clothing, and money to the fire victims from Manava. Although we were going to Manava that evening it was better to have the victims come and receive the gifts in Nidubrolu lest other victims not form our church show up demanding help as well. After the ceremonies I helped Jyothi fix his computer and we had a little time to relax and eat supper.

Manava, which is a little to the north east of Nidubrolu, was our last stop we had service here in the evening around 10pm. This is the church where Pastor Isaiah preaches. Pastor Isaiah helps Jyothi out at the bible college. There was recently a fire here that burnt down many of the houses of the members including Pastor Isaiah’s.

I finally returned to Guntur sometime after 11pm. For the next four days I made the route from ( shown in the map down below the pictures ) Gunutr to Nidubrolu every day for teaching. We spent a great deal of these four days studying the book of John, but we also discussed preaching on parables and a slide show on Noah’s Flood.

On Friday we are heading up to the northern part of Andrha Pradesh to Kakinada. Jyothi and his family are coming since this is where Babyrani’s ( Jyothi’s wife ) parents live.

Running around on Sunday

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